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J L Custom Wreckers

These are a few images of the outside after we finished.Ask us about our options available such as :180 degree video front and rear with a realtime remote viewing(you are able to watch the truck,traffic,driver,customer straight from the comfort of your office using 3G WIFI. 
This system also records all video and also offers Latitude/Longitude coordinates overlaid onto Google earth type mapping.We have custom push bumpers with options such as class 3 hitch,fog lights,Generation 3 LED directional strobes and chain pockets(this model has two pockets containing 100 feet of chain in each side).Custom interior as shown in images below is also available. 
Optional Hand Painting,as seen in the above images of our logo and pin stripes,is also available.
Any questions about our products or services available please not hesitate to contact us by either using the "Parts Inquiries" tab above or call direct at (570) 779-5101. We hope to have more towing products available to you in the near future.
 Thanks for taking the time to check us out.
                                                                        Jerry and Jamey (JLUAPI)
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